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Termite Inspection and Insurance

Termite Treatments

Roach Treatments

Bed Bug Treatments 

Bees, Wasp, Mosquitoes

Pre-Construction Treatments


Wood Treatments

for Shipping and Transporting

Fly Control

For Hospitals, Restaurants and House

Basic Spray


  Every 3 months

We Spray Inside and Outside Perimeters of your House or location


$48 + tax

Power Spray

Excelent Service

Recommended for Ants, Ticks, Mosquitos,Black Widows, and all insects

$78 + tax

Bed Bugs Treatment

Excellent Treatment

Starting $120.00 first Bedroom

+$25.00 Extra Room

$120 + tax

Termite Inspection

Includes a 1 year insurance guarantee against termites

$69.99 + tax