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Amid the increasing news and concern regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, we want to assure everyone the safety of our clients, team members, and our community is our top priority.

We don't want saturated hospitals, we want to avoid spider bites, scorpions, bees,  mice and roaches, ticks and flies infestations in houses or restaurants.

That's Why we are taking several steps and methods to protect our communities, homes and business

Please stay at home and protect your family


Safety for Customers and our Technicians Team

The treatments we are doing contains chloride products that helps to protect entrances, sidewalks, driveways, front and back yards.

Technicians are provided with mask, gloves, shoe covers, using antivirals liquids to clean hands, feet and trucks at every service.

Customers don't have to sign invoices or have direct contact with our technicians, Call office to pay or prepaid with card

For more information call our office to know how we are helping our community. 

Virucide Information

Termite Inspection and Insurance

Termite Treatments

Roach Treatments

Bed Bug Treatments 

Bees, Wasp, Mosquitoes

Pre-Construction Treatments


Wood Treatments

for Shipping and Transporting

Fly Control

For Hospitals, Restaurants and House

Basic Spray


  Every 3 months

We Spray Inside and Outside Perimeters of your House or location


$49 + tax

Please call our office to make an appointment

Power Spray

Excelent Service

Recommended for Ants, Ticks, Mosquitos,Black Widows, and all insects

$79 + tax

Please call our office to make an appointment

Bed Bugs Treatment

Excellent Treatment

Starting $125.00 first Bedroom

+$30.00 Extra Room

$125 + tax

Please call our office to make an appointment

Termite Inspection

Includes a 1 year insurance guarantee against termites

$69.99 + tax

Please call our office to make an appointment

(915) 591-3366

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