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$ 69.99               If you Buy  1 year

$ 59.99                    Yearly Renewal 

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Terms and Conditions



Includes Termite Report


1 Year Termite Insurance Guarantee Certificate


  1. Any home qualifies based on inspecting the home first

  2. Purchase Package: Villalobos Pest Control (VPC) will inspect the home for termites.

    • If no termites are found a one-year certificate will be issued and can be renewed on a yearly basis for a set fee. (See Below)

  3. If termites are found during the inspection, then a termite treatment must be made before a certificate can be issued.A quote for the termite treatment will be included in the termite report.

  4. Once the termite inspection is done the $69.99 is due and is non-refundable.

  5. If termite evidence is found during the termite inspection a quote will be included in the report for the recommended treatment.Once treatment is done and paid for, then the termite certificate will be issued for one year and can be renewed yearly at a set fee.

  6. Once a Termite Insurance Guarantee Certificate has been issued for the said property, the property will be covered for one year against termites.

  7. In the event of any new termite activity , VPC will treat the said property in the areas where the termite activity is present at no cost to the certificate holder and will extend an additional 2 Year warranty on the areas treated.

  8. The Guarantee does not cover any termite damage done to the home structure.

  9. Guarantee only covers the said home structure.

  10. Guarantee covers termite activity that is in contact with the structure only. 

  11. If termites become present or active near the home structure but not in contact with the structure, then a preventive treatment can be done at an additional cost at the home owners request.

       Other Services Available:


  • Termite Inspection with inspection report and 1 Year Insurance Guarantee Included      $69.99

  • 2nd Year Insurance Guarantee Renewal  $59.99

  •  Termite Inspection without report, Insurance Guarantee not Included $40.00                                                                

  • Free Quotes and Estimates

  • Pre-Construction Treatments

  • Full and Spot Termite Treatments